I danced avalanche tap
my mother’s back
waiting for the N23
in the meadow
sedated city

in a burial mound
a sea daffodil kaleidoscoped quietly

petals kissed my eyes
and rooted tongues unveiled
a shoreline smile
drowned in sea skin
an illumination wordless
edges my life horizon
your anther iris
ocean’s ink

lips a high time
low tide revelation
a rusted earring
the moon’s orbit missing
tilled plough
your truncate nose
I do take this unnamed man, I do

new sprout shadow
harvesting our boundary hedge
the leaf creases
the continents’ collision
a barrel stem
of fish flicking tails
buttons tucked in bed,
hushed whispers
of the duffle coat
lullaby breaths

will prayer divide
your bright pillar
or branched eyelashes
revert to morning glory’s seed?

your sickle slash glance hooks my feet and strings me a honeydewed noose

I lightened the soil with an excavated voice and ask to echo:

your carved out name.